Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Months in a flash!

.... and we're back, after 7 months!

One day, I posted about the first day of school. And before I knew it, it was the last day of school! So much for documenting the first year of school. Well, I've got it all in my external hard drive, so that will have to do.

So while I am unable to blog about the 10 months, I will have to recount, in summary, that my little preschooler:
- has greatly improved his pencil grip and his penmanship (although still needs a LOT of work! now I know why girls' handwriting is so much nicer than boys'!);
- went through about 4 weeks of fearing school, which was resolved by -- strangely enough - my NOT personally bringing him to school;
- for the 1st time EVER, excitedly wore a halloween costume;
- celebrated his 4th birthday in school, thrilled with his elephant cake and jungle animals cupcakes - which he proudly handed out to each classmate;
- confidently danced onstage in an adorable rooster costume for the school Christmas show;
- can SORT of draw! (all his drawings comprise of circles and lines. :P)

And in the blink of an eye, Young Preschool is done, it's summer time and we start Older Preschool in a few months!

Somebody is growing up way too fast! <3
First day of YP

Doing some art work at school


the adorable lion

Last Day of YP! (how do i rotate this photo????)

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  1. welcome back to the blogging world!... so, who he is bringing him to school now?