Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Months in a flash!

.... and we're back, after 7 months!

One day, I posted about the first day of school. And before I knew it, it was the last day of school! So much for documenting the first year of school. Well, I've got it all in my external hard drive, so that will have to do.

So while I am unable to blog about the 10 months, I will have to recount, in summary, that my little preschooler:
- has greatly improved his pencil grip and his penmanship (although still needs a LOT of work! now I know why girls' handwriting is so much nicer than boys'!);
- went through about 4 weeks of fearing school, which was resolved by -- strangely enough - my NOT personally bringing him to school;
- for the 1st time EVER, excitedly wore a halloween costume;
- celebrated his 4th birthday in school, thrilled with his elephant cake and jungle animals cupcakes - which he proudly handed out to each classmate;
- confidently danced onstage in an adorable rooster costume for the school Christmas show;
- can SORT of draw! (all his drawings comprise of circles and lines. :P)

And in the blink of an eye, Young Preschool is done, it's summer time and we start Older Preschool in a few months!

Somebody is growing up way too fast! <3
First day of YP

Doing some art work at school


the adorable lion

Last Day of YP! (how do i rotate this photo????)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our House Rules

<2 months since my last post. sniff.:'( And no, I haven't been busy. I've just been lazy. >

In reference to a previous post on Dolche Sight Words, I decided that since the little boy is getting better by the day at reading and understanding what he reads -- why not integrate a little something to target discipline?

And so, after about an hour or so of prioritizing what messages we wanted to send across, we came up with this shortlist:

Read before you enter!
It has worked pretty well for us in all sorts of situations. We just remind by saying, " what did we say in the house rules?" and he soon after tries to do what we have laid out as the rules.

It actually also serves as a good reminder to everyone else in the house -- not just the toddler -- on the way we should treat one another. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Day Funk

Another first has come and gone - Nico's first day at school!

All dressed in his (oversized) uniform and ready to go, he puts on his brand new Zebra backpack and trooped to the bathroom to check himself out!

Off to...

check myself out!

On the way to school, there was not a smidge of anxiety in him. It was a good idea to send him to summer camp to get him used to the idea of a new school, having transitioned from once-twice a week play school.

Mommy snapping photos at a stop light.
Made it to school just in time, with about 2 minutes to spare. Put on his backpack and grabbed his matching zebra lunch box (which he named Zebarie) and walked into the school. Upon entering the campus, he very personably asked the first teacher he saw -- "Hi! What's your name?" and the teacher answered "Teacher Trixie".  Teacher Trixie brought him to his classroom, Younger Preschool 107. It was a newly renovated classroom - nice and spacious, a ready venue for lots of fun learning!

Walking into school with Zebarie

Where all the fun happens - YP107
My picture hung in the classroom :)
He was so excited to get into his classroom that he just walked in without saying good bye to me! I had to call him back to say good bye before he walked into the room to join his classmates already singing in a circle to begin the day's session.

And so goes the beginning of the rest of the next 17 years! Somebody is growing up way too fast!

Ready to go home and nap after class.
Had a great first day of school!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have embraced the truth that is - homeschooling my kid is not for me.

The prospect of homeschooling is something my husband and I had talked about even before we were married. He feels strongly that in a lot schools,  the amount of money one pays is not worth the quality of education they are getting. Plus that one can get the same (and more) out of the time done homeschooling rather than on campus.

The choice to homeschool is something I've been delaying - since it seemed to be a long while before I would have to decide on such. But time does indeed fly, and here we are at the helm of a new school year, with a pre-school age toddler who needs to get serious about holding a pencil right and learning to draw more than just random lines that apparently depict an exploding volcano.

I've realized that I do not have the amount of patience and discipline to school everyday. I enjoy the occassional creative activities I prepare at home. Love the quality time spent and strong bond developed being at home (my work from home arrangements, if you recall). Try to be extra cautious about what Nico is watching, reading, listening to -- learning. But really, I do not have the diligence to school everyday. Plus, the fear of doing a substandard job that would be the cause of possibily eventually falling behind his peers.

On the economic side, I think we have some time to go before migrating to be a single income household. While working free lance is definitely in the plan, it ain't happening today. I do intend to have kid #2 eventually, so I think it'd be better to keep the steady paycheck coming in. In any case, I do have a job that allows me to work from home for a good part of the week (practically the majority of it), so am getting that very crucial quality time in that most parents crave for and feel guility about not being able to give.

After scouting several schools in the area, we have settled on one and are really very happy with our decision. The trial sessions we've had already show that Nico loooooooves the place and will really enjoy going to school.  Anyway, bottomline - learning happens all day everyday. So the schooling at home goes on, partnered with and complementing whatever is taught in "formal" school.

Let the fun begin!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

From the mouth of babes

Just before bedtime tonight, Nico pointed at my husband and myself and said:
"You are my best friends."

What a great way to end a day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Must View/Read: The Gift of an Ordinary Day

My mom sent me this link a few days ago, and boy was I a weepy mess.


I think all mothers should see/listen to this. (Am considering getting the book too.)

Better grab some tissue before hitting the "play" button.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Look Ma - No More Tears!

My son is horribly fearful of the doctor. (and the dentist. and the barber. and loud music. but i digress...)
With every visit to the pediatrician's office, he has shed tears and put up a huge struggle even to get his weight and height taken. Imagine a 33 month old toddler having to get his height taken (struggling and) lying down against the "ruler" that infants use, because he refuses to stand up against the growth chart on the wall. Even the sight of a doctor (not his own) in the elevator freaks him out (obviously the association with the white coat, which his pediatrician takes off anyway!).

Well, lo and behold - my baby is on a roll. Suddenly he is a baby no more!

Our last visit to the pedia (at 38 months) was the most pleasant experience! He allowed us to take his height and weight on the scale, not needing any pep talks to get on. While waiting for our turn, he slowly opened the doctor's office door, peeked in and said " Doctor, please be gentle." (Yes, there was another patient being attended to at the time).

When it was our turn in the office, there were no tears, not a struggle, and a very calm big boy during the routine check up. In fact, even when it was time for the shot, he said in a very quiet voice, "I'm scared." And that was it. He didnt even so much as flinch - I wasn't sure that it was even over.

Am so proud of my little big boy! What a truly brave one! :)